How To Save Money On Costly Car Insurance

In 2008 the worlds largest insurer AIG was on the brink of bankruptcy and that brought to light a major problem facing most insurance companies, a lack of liquidity. Here we are in 2013 and the insurance sector is still trying to regain a solid foothold. If you are a driver you need to understand that not all insurance providers are financially stable which could put you in a bind should there be a claim filed.The monthly premiums that you are paying for your car is constantly rising but the amount of coverage you receive is not, this is due to the aforementioned economic woes being felt by the insurers. What you must do to save money on your coverage is aggressively shop the market. There are websites that could address these needs or you could go hire a broker to do the work for you. In either situation you need to check out two items before looking at the premiums.1) Does the organization have a solid base of satisfied clients? If a business does not take good care of their clients why on earth would you give them your money. These companies will have a Facebook page which you can visit and look at how many positive reviews they have in relation to negative, if the firm does not have a good rating then you should not bother with them regardless of what is being offered.2) Is the policy underwriter financially stable? While there are government initiates in place that are suppose to guarantee these policies it could take months if not years before you see a cent if anything at all. Do not rely on credit rating agencies, you remember those folks who rated subprime mortgages as “triple A” quality but instead look at the regulatory filings to find out whether the company has the cash to meet their obligations.Once you have covered those two items then you can move forward with the pricing review. Some drivers focus solely on what the monthly amount is but that is risky thinking, look at the total amount of coverage that is being offered in relation to the premium paid.You should ask for a higher deductible, this is a great way to drive down your premiums without sacrificing coverage or perhaps you want to combine your home and automobile policies with the same company for even greater savings. These suggestions will help steer you in the right direction, there are automotive blogs that discuss insurers and how to increase your savings. The fact that you are reading this proves you are taking a step in the right direction.