3 Outdoor Activities Your Dog Will Love

This time of year is great for going to the park and watching people and their pets enjoying the weather. Being active in this way is not only important for pet owners, but it is especially important for owners’ dogs as well.Outdoor exercises give animals a sense of home by providing natural, different and unconfined environments. This enables them to be active, to remain alert and get rid of their restlessness.While there are plenty of outdoor activities you and your pet can participate in, here are 4 common and fun suggestions:Go for a Walk:This is the easiest, cheapest and most common activity one can enjoy with their dog. There are many health benefits for the dog and its owner. There is also a psychological benefit because it provides a bonding element and a remedy for depression for the animal.Walking also provides an opportunity for your pet to relieve itself, just remember to clean up afterwards out of respect for the other pet owners and non-pet owners.Dog Swimming:This is a terrific and unusual activity most dogs do not have the opportunity to do. Swimming is not only great fun for humans, but can you imagine the type of fun your dog would have paddling around in the pool, especially on a really hot day.While dogs can swim a decent distance, it is still highly advised that you get them a life jacket, and there are plenty of places that sell life jackets for dogs. Use it and don’t take the chance of your pet getting too exhausted trying to keep its head above the water.When you use the doggie life jacket you will see them realize that they are not going to sink, and they’ll start paddling and playing with ferocity. Dogs love to swim! If you have access to a private pool or a lake, you should definitely partake in this activity.Fetch, Boy, Fetch! Playing fetch is probably the first activity that comes to mind when thinking about how to spend active time with your pet. Playing fetch can consist of anything from throwing a ball, Frisbee or a stick.This activity is great because it can pretty much be done anywhere. If you have access to an open space, you can play fetch. Playing this game with your pet can be done in a park, backyard, living room, or basement.Its great because it gives the dog an opportunity to run and stay alert to the object being thrown. This also aids their natural instinct to hunt and retrieve.Regardless of the type of activity you decide to participate in (try all of them), it is highly advised to practice safety and respect for others. Don’t be a drill instructor. If you see your pet getting tired or if it is overly hot, then tone down the play and try to have your dog cool off.